Dwellings Property Management, LLC

We are a family owned and locally operated Residential Property Management company in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  We offer a variety of services for residential property owners, ranging from full service property management to lease only services for self-managing landlords.  We also provide vacant property management services for institutions and other owners. 


The types of properties we manage are:

>  Single Family Detached Homes (SFD)              > Duplexes (DUP)

> Townhomes (TH)                                           > Triplexes (TRI)

> Condominiums (CON)                                     > Fourplexes (4PX) 


We value the invetors who own, and the tenants who occupy, the properties we manage.  We provide owner services designed to fcilitate initiating and supporting the property management process.  Our aim is to make the owner's investment more efficient.  We provide tenant services designed to make leasing with us and maintaining that lease a rewarding experience.  We strive to provide services to both landlords and tenants with integrity and professionalism at a competitive price.  Company management personnel are involved with each owner and each tenant.  We call this Professional Service with a Personal Touch.  We look forward to being of service to you. 


Featured Listings

We want to help you find the property you've been looking for, and offer a comprehensive listing of real estate For Rent in the Triangle area.


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